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We offer a free, comprehensive estimate at no charge.  Replace that old 'Swamp-Cooler' with a new and modern split system, heating and cooling unit.  From heat pumps, to traditional gas furnace we can help with the system that is right for your home in any tonnage.  Got a roof top unit?  No problem!  Our heating and cooling experts are here to help.

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Why you need a Comprehensive Estimate?

Before the era of tightly constructed energy efficient homes, it was common to install furnaces and air conditioners that provided substantially more than the necessary capacity in order to compensate for a home’s vast inefficiencies.

Because many people have upgraded their older homes with more efficient windows, doors and insulation, they may not need a larger system.  Choosing to just swap an old AC Compressor for a New AC  of the same size could be a waste of money and energy. Adding to the confusion is that the newer SEER ratings aren't the same as they used to be.

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So, simply trusting specifications on the outdated HVAC unit may result in the installation of an over-sized unit.  Conversely, the same could be true in causing an undersized unit to be installed resulting in higher energy bills and more strain on the unit.  Installing an incorrectly sized AC condensing unit will cause the AC system to run inefficiently and cost thousands over the life of the unit due to poor performance.

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A comprehensive evaluation is performed by a certified technician who then makes a recommendation about the HVAC system that is just right for your home and for the way you live in it!

It's not enough to assess the condensing unit size, you also want to assess the fan and blower motor size.  Also, the size, age and insulation of the air ducts can play a factor in system efficiency as well.  And last but not least... the thermostat is the central brain of your system.  Using outmoded and outdated technology like analogue thermostats can cause your system to be overloaded and work harder than needed to efficiently cool you home.  Call for a comprehensive estimate today!

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